Association of the owners (AoO)

Based on the law no. 103/2000 BrE statue book §9 paragraph (3) "Association of the owners comes into existence with at least 5 units, from which at least 3 of them are in the ownership of 3 different owners, from the date of delivery of the document with the clause about the marked contribution to the land registry or any other document, which proved the relations of the owner to the house unit, to the last of the owners ..." 
We are offering help in the proces from legal formation to the meeting of owners assembly, established meeting incl. necessary notary record, choice of the board and chairman, approval of statutes and record of AoO to the business index.


Detailed description of offered services can be found:

administrative facility management of AoO

ekonomical facility management of AoO

tehnical facility management of AoO



Information system iPartner


For the members of AoO, members of cooperative or owners of the properties is made available information system iPartner,  where can be found on-line preview to the operative evidence. Here are mentioned rules of deposits, evidence of payments, accounts, subtraction of meters and costs for operation and maintenance of the building, always on-line. Board of AoO will receive similar access also to the accounting. 



Aplikace iPartner - on line access to operating evidence