Facility management in Prague

We ensure facility management for the owners of houses, apartments and properties

Správa bytových i nebytových prostor v PrazeNot every owner of the property is interested in doing facility management on his/her ow
n and in case you are one of these, we would like to offer you our services.


  • complete facility management
  • securing contracs with vendors
  • calculation of rentals and its collection, incl. reminders of missing payments
  • organisational securing of house operation (organisation of regular meetings, managing of the meetings and making reports)
  • accountancy services (tax report, calculation of prepayments, statement of expences...)
  • dealings with the providers of services connected with the facility operation (gas companies, removal of comunal rubbish, cleaning services...)
  • ensurance of the feasibility of the adjacent paths
  • accepting of the requests from the owners
  • arrangement of insurance contract


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